MP Board Class 12th English Paper 2022 Top 50 Questions

Mp board class 12th English Paper 2022 Top 50 Questions : एमपी बोर्ड क्लास 12th English वार्षिक पेपर की तैयारी के लिए most imp quetions अगर आप ढूंढ रहे हैं गूगल पर तो आप बिल्कुल सही जगह पर आए हैं क्योंकि हम आपके लिए टॉप 50 इंपोर्टेंट क्वेश्चन लेकर आए हैं आपकी क्लास 12th इंग्लिश वार्षिक पेपर के लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण हैं।

दोस्तों यदि आप भी चाहते हैं कि आपको Class 12th english के top imp question पता चल जाए और आप अपने बचे हुए थोड़े से समय मे ही अपनी तैयारी को और भी अधिक बेहतर बना पाए तो अभी आप बिल्कुल सही जगह पर हैं आज की इस पोस्ट में हम लाये हैं class 12th english के top questions जो आपके exam के लिए बहुत important हैं और इन्हें आपके लिए सिलेक्टेड syllabus और ब्लूप्रिंट के आधार पर तैयार किया गया हैं। और यदि आप अन्य विषयों के important question पाना चाहते हैं तो नीचे दी हुई लिंक पर जाकर देख सकते हैं।

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MP Board Class 12th English Paper 2022 Top 50 imp Questions

1.What did Franz notice that was unusual about the school that day?

2.What had been put up on the bulletin board?

3.What was the fear in little Franz‘s mind when he started for school in the morning?

4. The teacher did not scold Franz for his coming late to school. Why?

5. Why did Hauser and the other villagers come to attend ―The Last Lesson?‖

6.What was Franz expected to be prepared with for school that day?

7. Is Saheb happy working at the tea-stall? Explain.

8. What makes the city of Firozabad famous?

9. What makes the city of Firozabad famous?

10. Why should child labour be eliminated and how?

11. How can Mukesh realise his dream?

12. How is Mukesh’s attitude to his situation different from that of his family?

13. How did the instructor ‘build a swimmer’ out of Douglas?

14. How did Douglas overcome his fear of water?

15. What is the ‘misadventure’ that William Douglas speaks about?

16. How did Douglas make sure that he conquered the old terror?

17. “All we have to fear is fear itself.” Explain the statement in your own words

18. Why was he amused by this idea?

19. Why was the crofter so talkative and friendly with the peddler?

20. Why did he show the thirty kroner to the peddler?

21. Why did the peddler decline the invitation?

22. When did the ironmaster realise his mistake?

23. Why was Edla happy to see the gift left by the peddler?

24. What made the peddler finally change his ways?

25. Why is Rajkumar Shukla described as being resolute?

26. How did the episode change the plight of the peasants?

27. Why did Gandhi consider the Champaran episode to be a turning point in his life?

28. Why did Gandhi chide the lawyers of Muzaffarpur?

29 .Why do most celebrity writers despise being interviewed?

30. How does Eco find the time to write so much?

31. What is the reason for the huge success of the novel, ‘The name of the rose’?

32. Why did Rudyard Kipling refuse to be interviewed?

What is the kind of pain and ache that the poet feels?

33. Why has the mother been compared to the ‘late winter’s moon’?

34. What worried the poet when she looked at her mother?

35. What were the poet’s feelings at the airport? How did she hide them?

36 . What does the poet want for the children of the slums? How can their lives be made to change?

37 . Why does the poet ask us to keep still?

38. What pleasure does a beautiful thing give us?

39. Why is ‘grandeur’ associated with the ‘Mighty dead’?

40 . Where was the stand situated and how was it made?

41. What did the royal infant grow up to be?

42. Which matter about the Tiger King is of extraordinary ?

43. Why did the Maharaja ban tiger hunting in the state?

44. Which matter about the Tiger King is of extraordinary interest?

45. What are phytoplanktons?

46. How do geological phenomena help us to know about the history of humankind?

47. What is the moral issue that the story raises?

48. What two purposes did the correction slip serve? Which of them did Evans consider more

49 . What kind of a person was Evans?

50. How was Evans able to devise a foolproof plan for escape from prison?

इस पोस्ट को अपने सभी दोस्तों से भी शेयर कीजिए और लाभ उठाइये। धन्यवाद……

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