Class 11th English Half yearly Paper 2023 MP board| कक्षा 11वीं अंग्रेजी अर्धवार्षिक पेपर लो आ गया रट लो

Class 11th English Half yearly Paper 2023 MP board| कक्षा 11वीं अंग्रेजी अर्धवार्षिक पेपर लो आ गया रट लो
Class 11th English Half yearly Paper 2023 MP board| कक्षा 11वीं अंग्रेजी अर्धवार्षिक पेपर लो आ गया रट लो


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Class 11th English Half yearly Paper 2023 MP board :- हेलो दोस्तों स्वागत है आपका हमारे वेबसाइट पर ।अगर आप भी एमपी बोर्ड के स्टूडेंट है और आपके अर्धवार्षिक परीक्षाएं शुरू होने वाले हैं तो इसके लिए आपको चिंता करने की जरूरत नहीं है क्योंकि हमारी वेबसाइट पर आज आपको MP board 11th English half yearly paper 2022-23 पेपर का पीडीएफ देने वाले हैं । जो आपको आपकी अर्धवार्षिक परीक्षाओ की तैयारी में बहुत मदद करने वाला है। इसे आप यह जान जाएंगे आपके स्कूल में किस तरह का पेपर आपको हॉफ ईयरली में मिलने वाला है। आपके अर्धवार्षिक परीक्षा में आपके पूरे सिलेबस से 90% क्वेश्चन आने वाले हैं और यह मॉडल पेपर भी उसी आधार पर बनाया गया है । इसके अलावा आप लोगो में से बहुत बहुत से बच्चे confused रहते हैं कि हम परीक्षा की तैयारी कहां से करें और कैसे करें।

अगर आप परीक्षा में बहुत अच्छा प्रदर्शन करना चाहते हैं तो इसके लिए आप NCERT को ही prefer करें और इसके साथ हमारे नोट्स से आपको आपकी परीक्षा की तैयारी में बहुत मदद मिलेगी। इसके अलावा प्रीवियस ईयर क्वेश्चन पेपर भी लगा सकते हैं जिससे कि आप की क्वेश्चन के प्रैक्टिस हो सके। इसके लिए आप  हमारे वेबसाइट पर visit कर सकते है । हमारे वेबसाइट पर ऐसे ही इस एमपी बोर्ड कक्षा 11 के सभी विषयों के सभी  पाठों के प्रश्नोत्तर, question bank सॉल्यूशन , ncert solution , model paper, previous year question solution, पीडीएफ form में उपलब्ध है। आप उसे हमारी website se pdf form में download कर सकते है । आपको हमारी वेबसाइट पर आपकी पढ़ाई से related सारे study material पीडीएफ फार्म में मिल जाएंगे ।

Class 11th English Half yearly Paper 2023 MP board| कक्षा 11वीं अंग्रेजी अर्धवार्षिक पेपर लो आ गया 

Half yearly Paper 2022-23

Class 11

Subject English 

Time:3:15hr                                                                                                 mm:80

General instructions:

1. All the questions are compulsory

2 the marking of each question is written onwards 

3.every student must have to write neatly and cleanly.

4.The question paper comprises of four section.

5.There is no over all choice in question but internal choices are given in sections

Section A Reading

1× 10=10

Marie Curie was one of the most accomplished scientists in history. Together with her husband, Pierre,she discovered radium, an element widely used for treating cancer, and studied uranium and other radioactive substances. Pierre and Marie’s amicable collaboration later helped to unlock the secrets of Marie was born in 1867 in Warsaw, Poland, where her father was a professor of physics. At an early age, she displayed a brilliant mind and a blithe personality. Her great exuberance for learning prompted her the continue with her studies after high school. She became disgruntled, however, when she learned that

the university in Warsaw was closed to women. Determined to receive a higher education, she defiantly left Paland and in 1891 entered the Sorbonne, a French university, where she earned her master’s

degree and doctorate in physics Marie was fortunate to have studied at the Sorbonne with some of the greatest scientists of her day, one of whom was Pierre Curie. Marie and Pierre were married in 1895 and spent many productive years working together in the physics laboratory. A short time after they discovered radium, Pierre was killed by a horse-drawn wagon in 1906. Marie was stunned by this horrible misfortune and endured heart breaking anguish, Despondently she recalled their close relationship and the joy that they had shared in scientific research. The fact that she had two young daughters to raise by herself greatly increased her distress.

Curie’s feeling of desolation finally began to fade when she was asked to succeed her husband as a physics professor at the Sorbonne. She was the first woman to be given a professorship at the world- famous university. In 1911 she received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for isolating radium. Although Marie Curie eventually suffered a fatal illness from her long exposure to radium, she never became disillusioned about her work. Regardless of the consequences, she had dedicated herself to science and to revealing the mysteries of the physical world.


(1)The Curies”______collaboration helped to unlock the secrets of the atom.

(a) friendly

(b) competitive

(c) courteous

 (d) industrious

(ii) Marie had a bright mind____ and a personality.

(a) strong

(b) light hearted

(c) humorous

(d) envious

(iv) When she learned that she could not attend the university in Warsaw, she felt,

(a) hopeless

(b) annoyed



(v) Which element is widely used for treating cancer?

(vi) Why was Marie awarded the Nobel Prize?

(vii) Where did she earn her master’s degree and doctorate in physics?

(viii) Give the noun form of ‘desolate’.

(ix) How was Pierre killed?

(x) Whom did she succeed as a physics professor at the Sorbonne?


Cardamom, the queen of all spices, has a history as old as the human race. It is the dried fruit of a herbaceous perennial plant. Warm humid climate, loamy soil rich in organic matter, distributed rainfall and special cultivation and processing methods all combine to make Indian cardamom truly unique in aroma, flavour, size and it has a parrot green colour.

Two types of cardamom are produced in India. The first type is the large one, which has not much significance as it is not traded in the future market. It is cultivated in north-eastern area of the country. The second type is produced in the southern states and these are traded in the future market. These are mainly cultivated in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. As per the future market rules, only 7 mm quality was previously traded in exchanges. But later, it relaxed its norms and now 6 mm quality is also traded in the exchanges.

Cardamom is an expensive spice, secondly to saffron. Indian cardamom is known in two main varieties: Malabar cardamon and Mysore cardamom. The Mysore variety contains leaves of cinecl, limonene and

hence is more aromatic. India is the world’s largest producer and exporter emerged as the leading producer and exporter of cardamom. The main harvest season of cardamom in India is between August-February. Cardamom reaches at yielding stage two years after the plantation. The primary physical markets of cardamom are Kumily

Vanden Modu, Jhekkady, Pullyarmala in Kerala and Bodynaikkaur and Cumbum in Tamil Nadu.

Kerala is the main producer of cardamom and contributes upto 60% in total production. Karnataka produces around 25% of the total production cardamom. Ooty is the main producer of cardamom in Tamilnadu and contributes around 10-15% of the total production. Besides India, Guatemala also produces around 1,000-2,000-ton cardamom per year. Due to low quality of cardamom from Guatemala, it remains available at cheaper rates.


i Mysore variety contains leaves of:

(a) Limonene

(b) Cineol

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

(ii)Indian Cardamom is:

(a) poor in quality

(b) average in quality

(c) better in quality

(d) none of these

iii) Guatemala produces cardamom: 

(a) more but poor in quality

(b) less but good in quality

(c) more and good in quality

(d) less and poor in quality

 (iv)Main harvest season of cardamom in India is:

(a) August-February

(b) August-March

(c) November

(d) February-April

(v)Cardamom reaches at its yielding stage in:

(a) Immediately after plantation 

(b) depends upon the plantation

(c) one year after plantation

(d) two years after plantation

(vi) India produces cardamom of

(a) one type

(b) two types

(c) three types

(d) none of the above

(vi)Which of the following is the variety of Indian cardamom?

(a) Malabar cardamom 

(b) Mysore cardamom

(c) Both (a) and (b)

 (d) None of the above

(viii)Which of the following is the production of cardamom by Karnataka?

(a) 25 % 

(b) 10 %

 (c) 15 % 

(d) 60%

(ix) Find the antonym of the word ‘cheap’.

(a) expensive

(b) moderate

(c) common

(d) reasonable

(x)The synonym of the word “fragrance’.

 (a) aroma

(b) variety

(c) stale

 (d) stinking

Section B Writing Skills

Q.2 Notice/Advertisement/Poster

4 marks

Notice writing

(i)You are Jyoti of class XI of School of Excellence, Gwalior. You are the Cultural Secretary of your school. Draft a notice informing the students about the inter-school dance competition and request the interested participants to get them registered with you.


 (ii) You are the school captain of the Govt. Boys H.S.S. Jabalpur. Write a notice for all the other members of the student council to attend a meeting to prepare a plan for annual function. 


(ii) You are the member of school Echo Club. Write a notice informing the students about the tree plantation drive in your school.

Poster Making

4 marks

(i)You are Mohan, student of Govt MGHSS Bhopal. Your school is going to organize a blood donation camp. Design an attractive poster.


 (ii)Design a poster to be issued by the Delhi Police cautioning people not to touch any unclaimed objects. 


(iii)Design an attractive poster to make people aware about the traffic rules. 

Advertisement making

4 marks

(i)You are Ravi Sharma. You want an English tutor for your son. Write out an advertisement to be published in the classified column of a local newspaper.

(ii)You are Anita. You want to purchase a second-hand laptop. Draft a classified advertisement for a local daily giving necessary details.

(iii)You own a commercial flat suitable for an office/ bank. You wish to rent it out. Draft an advertisement to be published in The Times of India’, Bhopal under the classified columns.

Q.3 letter writing

4 marks

Formal Letter Writing

(i)You have not received your Rall Number card for the Class XII examination. Write a letter to the Secretary, M.P. Board, Bhopal requesting him to issue it.


 (ii)Write a letter to the President, Residents’ Welfare Association of your locality suggesting some measures that could be taken for solving the problem of water scarcity and conserving water.


 (iii) You are Anita Patel, residing at 254, Saket Nagar, Balaghat. Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper expressing your concern about deteriorating law and order situation in the city.

Informal Letter Writing

(i)Write a letter to your friend narrating your experiences in a rescue operation. 


(ii) You are Anil Verma, residing at 20, Shivaji Nagar, Sagar. Write a letter to your friend Dinesh inviting him to spend summer vacation in your village. 


(iii) You are Manish, residing at 45, M.P. Nagar, Ujjain. Write a letter to your younger brother sharing your experiences of your visit to a hill station.

Q.4 Long Composition

4 marks

Paragraph (120 words)

(a) Importance of Protecting Trees 


(b) Benefits of Modern Technology


(c) Harmful Effects of Junk Food

Section C grammer

Q.6 Fill in the blanks

5 marks

1.Holland is-European country. (a/an/the) 

2.They are watching-movie. (a/an/the]

3.Suresh is-boy who has got a place in the merit list. (a/an/the)

4.Monika is-BSc. Student. (a/an/the) 

5.He is MBA. (a/an/the)

Q.7 Do as directed.

5 marks

1.We did it. (Change into negative)

2.He teaches English. (Change into negative)

3.Suraj shut the door. (Change into negative) 

4.They are playing football. (Change the voice)

5. He makes nice tea. (Change the voice).

Section D literature

Give the answer in 30 to 40 words.


1.Why was the grandmother sad when the author was admitted in an English school?

2.What problems did they encounter in the first phase of voyage?

3.Who is Osiris?

4.What is the importance of Lake Mansarovar?

5. Who are the persons in the photograph?

6.What reason did Mrs. Pearson give Cyril for not making tea?

7.What happened when Aram tried to ride the horse?

8.Why does father feel like a stranger with his son?

Give  in answer in about in 100-120 words.


1.What was the strange reality that Professor Gaitonde saw as he stepped out of the station?


 When was the link of the friendship between the author and his grandmother snapped?

2. Why was Joe Morgan waiting for Andrew even though it was nearly midnight?


.What did the workmen say in their defence when the king ordered them to be hanged?

3.What was Mrs. Fitzgerald’s advice to Mrs. Pearson after she had put back the family members in their proper place?


Describe the personality of George. What was his attitude towards Mrs. Pearson?


Paper pdf

MP Board Class 11 half yearly Paper Solution 2023

एमपी बोर्ड कक्षा 11वीं अर्धवार्षिक क्वेश्चन पेपर के लिए यहां से आप सलूशन देख सकते हैं सभी विषयों के –



Hindi ardhvaarshik question paper Class 11


English ardhvaarshik question paper Class 11


Chemistry ardhvaarshik question paper Class 11


Physics ardhvaarshik question paper Class 11


Biology ardhvaarshik question paper Class 11


Mathematics ardhvaarshik question paper Class 11


Other Subject ardhvaarshik question paper Class 11Solution

Note:- कक्षा 11वीं अंग्रेजी अर्धवार्षिक पेपर को लेकर यह जानकारी आपको अच्छी लगी हो तो आगे अवश्य शेयर करें और यह सभी प्रश्न याद कर के परीक्षा देने जाएं और अपने अनुसार भी तैयारी रखें।

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